Let's play! Latex fetish clothing made in Germany.

Collaborations with models & photographers

Photo: Daniela Scattolin / Model: Olivia Martin

We're always happy to work with new or experienced people from all over the world. What are we looking for right now?

  • PHOTOGRAPHERS: We'd love to get together with you for product images, or creative art work of all kinds. (See our gallery.) We're open to a lot of ideas involving latex, and would like to provide some amazing latex items for your photo shoot. We don't charge you for renting our latex clothing, and you'll always have an option to buy the items used in the shoot with a huge discount. In return, we'd like to publish your work on our website and will give proper credit to you. All copyright will always belong to you.
  • MODELS: It doesn't matter what your body shape, age, gender, or style is - we're not neccessarily looking for "classic" morel types as long as we feel we're a good match. We love to work with alternative models. We're happy to manufacture made to measure latex clothing for you to shoot in. You'll have the option to buy these items with a huge discount, too. We'd like to publish your photos on our website and will give proper credit to you (if wanted). We're mostly looking for models that are ok with their face being shown in pictures. 
  • TIMING: Please contact us a couple of weeks in advance if you'd like to collaborate. We always do our best to manufacture and ship all latex items as quickly as possible. However, it might take a couple of days to make the clothing and we also have to consider shipping time depending on where you're located. We'll also have to work out a simple contract that everybody is happy with. 
  • LOCATION: SpielbarLatex is able & willing to ship latex clothing for photo shootings pretty much everywhere. - On the other hand, we're happy to meet and work with people nearby (Frankfurt/Main, Germany). 

If this sounds appealing to you, or if you've got further questions, please message (info@spielbarlatex.com) or use our contact formula.